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PatientAccess in partnership with the NHS

Patient Access


The PatientAccess app/website is accessible on mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Register with PatientAceess and you can access information regarding your
- medication 
- allergies
- vaccinations 
- previous illnesses 
- test results
- correspondence from other health care providers

Other services available via PatientAccess
- booking appointments
- ordering repeat prescriptions

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Step by step guide to registering with 


  1. EASY AND SIMPLE - Complete the patient online registration form with 2 forms of ID 
  2. SECURE PIN - You will then be emailed your unique patient access details and secure PIN number. 
  3. REGISTER WITH PATIENT ACCESS - open and register with your unique access details and secure PIN

Connecting Your Care

How your information is shared with South West London 

What is Connecting your Care?

Connecting your Care brings together health and care services across South West London, to improve the way information about you is shared. This means it is quickly and safely available to the health and care professionals who need to see it, to make better and quicker decisions about your care and treatment.

Why is it important?

Health and care professionals will have access to a real-time electronic, read-only version of your important health and care information, which can be critical when assisting you in an emergency.

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To contact them:


Telephone: 0203 668 3100

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